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Rebounding and Lymphatic System

There is a video on google videos about rebounding (or jumping on a heavy duty, well built mini trampoline) and it is compared to a full body lymphatic flush.  The lymphatic system does not have a pump to help move lymph throughout the body like other organs for example the heart.  So rebounding (protected jumping) helps move lymph up the body.  She also compared rebounding to a full body massage and in addition it is also an aerobic exercise.  See the video

My comments:  The Cancer Warrior has been rebounding for over a year and with her cancer her groin lymph nodes no longer work so she’s constantly working on her lymphedema in her right leg.    Her right foot also has drop foot.  She  has been bouncing following a simple DVD but although she has not ever been able to complete the entire tape, nor can she jump high enough to clear 3 inches, she has been bouncing and lifting legs, and rotating, and stretching etc… We believe this exercise is not only keeping her heart healthy but has so many other benefits, especially with her lymphedema.

Please visit our REVIEWS page for more information on how the Cancer Warrior uses a rebounder (actually David Hall’s Cellerciser ).  Please comment and share with all of us.  Thank you.

Hospice for Cancer Warrior

Our Mom, Jackie, the Cancer Warrior at a recent Chemotherapy doctor’s checkup was told that the doctor will not give her any more chemotherapy.  This is after the last checkup about six months ago where he told her that since she was feeling fine that no chemotherapy was needed, he wanted her to wait until the stage four cancer tumors grew and were causing problems.  So now that the tumors are growing and are causing problems the doctor says it’s too risky to give her chemotherapy so he won’t.  What gives?!

She was a bit shocked then mad at this turn of events.  I, on the other hand, was okay with that since I wanted her to focus on the alternative options and the chemotherapy would make her sicker during the course of the treatment.  So now that option is off the table, easier decision…

So the chemotherapy doctor set up an in-home Hospice doctor visit and we learned that there are some good things about going on Hospice and some not so good.
The good:
Hospice will pay for pain medicines.
Hospice will bring in home aids to help with personal care like bathing and eating.

The not so good:
You can’t get a blood transfusion while on Hospice.
You can’t do any sort of “aggressive” treatments like any surgeries.

Then after a visit with her FABULOUS primary care physician we talked over Hospice and all it’s ramifications.  She decided again not to go on Hospice yet.  Her previous doctors have been wanting her to go on Hospice for the last two years.  So she decided to wait until she can no longer care for herself in the bathroom.  Her breathing is still good, her kidneys are fine, her blood counts are fine, her pain controlled and her energy is great.  We credit her liquid nutrition program that she is on for the energy and blood work.  We are so happy that we found the program, it is so quick and easy to keep her nutrition intake high.