Paid Resources

Paid Resources
Credit card and e-commerce solutions
Email filter that blocks spam for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail, and Windows Live Mail
Easy way to create and add professional streaming audio clips to your site
Teleseminar bridgeline with easy to use control panel
Fully integrated shopping cart, list building tools & affiliate program to automate your business
Send bulk email with this service and keep it personal with templates and other personailzation features
Video syndication service allows you to send out one video and have it painted all over the web
A simple place to purchase domains for instant use in the UIBC Dashoard system
The SEO Toolkit includes everything you need to self-optimize and self-promote your web pages, to increase your web site traffic and search engine visibility.
Secure online backup and storage
Manufacture and publish your CD / DVD
Design and print custom labels, stickers, cards and more
Records messages by phone, turns them into text and emails to you
Teleseminar bridgeline on steroids. Allows breakout sessions and many other interactive features.
Customized logo design for $25
Converts voicemail to text and delivers via email or text message
Floating popup sticky notes for your website
Simple screensharing and online meeting software
Large selections of stock photos for purchase
Allows you to dictate anything over the phone and receive a transcription via email
Get your own toll free number for $2 a month
Virtual phone system that includes internet fax and toll-free number
Transforms voice messages into text and email transcriptions to you the same day
Set up webinars quickly and easily
Popular file zipping software
The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5
Thousands of designers compete for your business to create your logo or web design
Buy a custom twitter background
Private Toll Free Number and Marketing System. Please use Promo Code 5070
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