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Chocolate and Vanilla Nutrition Shakes

We have found that the best way to get all the days nutrients in the easiest way, other than eating plates of vegetables, is to use a powdered shake product. This allows for all the necessary nutrients in one easy glass of liquid nutrition – one drink. You can make the shakes with a small amount of water or you can add a whole lot of ice to make it more filling and satisfying. Sometimes when the Cancer Warrior is not feeling like consuming a lot of anything then the small glass of liquid nutrition may be all that is consumed in one meal so you have to make it count.

We’ve found a really great product and whole heartedly endorse it. The Company founder has come out of retirement to create his “baby.” He does not cut corners, uses organic where-ever possible, buys only the top quality raw materials, is continuing to improve on every possible facet of his already superior quality, super nutritious, liquid nutrition that is designed to build the human body back to it’s birth right health, something that most folks have forgotten what it feels like.

Mom drinks the Tonic Complex once a day and two shakes, one with breakfast and one mid-afternoon. She still eats her regular meals when she feels like it but now with the shakes being the important part of the meals we don’t worry so much when her appetite is down, as long as the shakes are getting in her. Her energy and mental clarity, she says, are back after chemo at a much higher level. She loves the product!

The other Cancer Warrior Mom had a gastric G-tube since the brain surgery to remove her cancer had a side effect of killing her swallowing ability.  She was on a liquid diet from then on. The nutritious shakes along with the formula prescribed gave her enough nutrients to feel well and have enough strength to continue to fight her battle.

Our healthy family uses the Isagenix products daily.  My teenage daughter makes herself a chocolate shake with a bit of banana and a spoonful of peanut butter blended in every morning.  I love hearing the blender go on and feel like I’m doing the best possible by insuring that she has the most healthy breakfast.  Believe me, it is so much better than the sugary cereal she used to eat AND I don’t have to bug her to take a vitamin pill since it is all in there already.  My husband also makes himself a shake in the early AM before he goes off to work.  Again, he used to take a baggie of sugary cereal in the car for the drive in but now he has a thick, tasty and amazingly healthy blended shake.  I have many other superfood powders to throw in and he is occasionally putting in Maca, Chlorella, protein, flax seed, hemp seed and other things as I get them.  We love it all!

Click on the link below and the site will open up, but it is kind of hard to follow.
When the site opens up just select English as your language and then watch the Toxic video.  It is pretty scary that we are being bombarded with toxic products everywhere!  Up at the top under the Products tab click on Cleanse and the Isalean Shakes Classic.  The classic vanilla flavor is our favorite as you can put anything else you want to change the flavor, like fruits or cocoa or greens.

Yes, we did sign up as a distributor but that is so we can get the product at wholesale prices. You can do that too or not. You can pay retail and just try it out.

Or you can sign up as a customer, pay $19 a year to be able to get the product at wholesale prices. Or you can sign up as a distributor (same cost), and work a business. We are wholesale customers ourselves but do sign up our friends so they can get wholesale prices.  Any questions please fill out the contact us tab above and we’ll give you a call just as quick as we can.

This is what has worked for our Moms, the Cancer Warriors. We hope this information helps you too.

With much aloha,

Rose Ragan

P.S.  We use the BlendTec blender in our family.  This top of the line industrial strength blender blends everything from vegetables, frozen fruit, ice and Isagenix shake mixes.  It’s available at Amazon.  See the store.

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