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Cancer Industry Fundraisers – Good or Evil?

Once again, even though my home phone has been listed on the Do Not Call list forever, I received a call from a Cancer fighting organization or so they say. I don’t understand why Cancer companies, police fundraisers and all home improvement firms seem immune from the Do Not Call list. I patiently listen to the appeal, ask for the representative’s name and the name of the company and then politely asked to be removed from their list. Often I say why although most times the words I say go in one ear and out the other in fact once they realize that I’m not interested in handing over any cash the disconnect is imminent. If I do get a chance I tell them I’m not interested in helping other companies battle cancer only interested in getting the word out about the only proven way to cure cancer and that is with a healthy immune system. I believe I have a right to shake my head when the Cancer fighting companies come knocking. I have spent the last four years deep within the battles waged over both my Mother’s body and my Mother-in-law’s body while they both fought Cancer and all the terrible beasts that go along with that. In addition to the body problems they also were continually shocked by the Medical industry answer. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, g-tube, tracheotomy, filters, drains, colostomy and an array of other medical industry procedures were used on these two lovely women. Yes, some of them were life saving but only because of problems with other procedures that maybe weren’t needed anyway. How can I say?

Here is a blog post comment I posted on the post about a fundraiser that a Cancer fighting company held that used donuts as a sort of prize or bonus points if consumed quickly or some such stupidness…
My Mother was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2005 and as she put it “did everything her doctors said to do but nothing worked over the long term.” Sure the chemo did shrink the tumor and with it some of the negative effects of the larger tumor and so some relief and time seemed worth it but it seems that once on the bandwagon there is no getting off until you are dead and along the way more and more battles to face. My kids tease me because I continuously say that sugar is food for cancer and the Cancer loves it! I continue to ask to be removed from every telemarketer list for any sort of Cancer organization because I, like you, believe that the only CURE for cancer is a healthy immune system and Cancer organizations are really only interested in a cure, not any protection.
I do understand and agree that most people are not guilty of trying to mislead but are just unenlightened. Thus I often will only state my belief and not condemn others for their actions. What we do need more of is good information about the importance of eating whole foods rather than any over processed gunk.

Cancer is big business and with the amount of money involved and the number of people affected the epidemic seems unsurmountable. We have to keep on educating from the grass roots and up through our push we can fight the over production of food and the spread of frankenstein produced food knockoffs being brought to our kids plates.
Let’s move to more simple, whole foods for health, vitality and life!

Over 1000 Nuclear Explosions in USA since 1945


Of the over 2000 nuclear explosions world wide since 1945 over half of them have been in the US.  This is not good.  This means that all those toxic substances that have drifted or leached into our water are affecting our country’s people.  No wonder we have so much cancer and obesity!

Watch the video and become scared.  Then tune into the health channels and find out what you can do to help your amazing immune system get rid of all the toxins we come into contact with.

To your health…

One Less Thing to Worry About

With a Mother, our Cancer Warrior who is fighting a terrible battle with a terminal illness, there are many things to be concerned with.  She continues to have problems that the growing cancer tumors cause along with a host of other problems.  One thing that we feel so fortunate to no longer worry about is what she is eating, or not eating for that matter.  With the super nutrition products we found for her it is so very easy to make a delicious shake in the morning, adding bananas or apples or any other fruit for increased taste benefit and also for additional nutritious benefit.  After she also has a small breakfast, when she can stomach something, then at lunchtime we make another shake for her. 

If she is not in the mood for more liquid I can make it with as little or as much liquid and ice as her mood fits.  I make two shakes each time as caregiving does wear me down and the nutrition benefit serves me as well.  I definitely have more energy and so am a better caregiver, daughter, and friend to my Mom as well as a wife, mother, athlete for myself and my family.  I feel very fortunate that we found this solution.

Also, my teenager daughter used to not ever eat breakfast before going off to school in the morning.  Now since she’s seen what the products have done for us AND she tasted it she now makes herself a shake each morning.  Boy do I smile whenever I hear the blender in the morning because I know I am doing the best I can to provide her with superior nutrition each and every morning.  And with very little effort on my part other than making sure I have enough product as well as bananas and peanut butter.

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Nutrition Video – Liquid Nutrition for the Cancer Patient


As the video illustrates there are a lot of side effects from chemotherapy. Dr. Cathcart talks a bit about avoiding the side effects with good nutrition and suggests:
1. more frequent smaller meals
2. drink an hour before and an hour after eating to allow digestive juices to stay at full strength
3. you can take vitamins and minerals that may help side effects of chemotherapy and also may help enhance the treatment itself

Further discussion from Rose Ragan
Two of the most worrisome side effects of chemotherapy are excessive weight loss and the loss of appetite. Lots of patients undergoing treatment do not want to eat much and so it becomes harder to boost the nutrition intake. With supernutritious liquid products getting better nutrition becomes that much easier.

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Death by Eating


Natalie, who is a dietician student talks about working in a hospital and seeing so many people who by the choices that they have made with regard to eating, are very sick.  Bottom line:  don’t wait until tragedy strikes to make positive changes.

During these past few years since the Cancer Warrior Mom has started her battle against cancer, we (the entire family) have been researching, reading, asking, learning, searching for everything pertaining to fighting cancer at it’s source.  We have made many changes and have learned some incredible facts.

On thing that hits me so often is that oftentimes most of the folks that have changed their diets for the good only do it after something bad happens.  The ones that don’t yet have any bad conditions seem to be too busy to make any changes or they think that what they are doing is good enough, they can always change later on if they need to.  But this is not the case!  Later on can be too little, too late!  People really do have to start making changes now, slowly if they need to, but they need to start immediately.  There is a saying

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade.” 

Well this is so true.  If you listen or read or keep up on the latest health discoveries (or re-discoveries.. but that is for another post) then look for ways to implement positive changes into your diet, you will, over time, be massively different than if you made no changes.  And if you keep getting the message that something that you do or eat is a definite bad one, then really think how and when you can make the BIG change and get that bad habit out of your life.  Look for other like-minded people to help and support you.

To your health,
The Cancer Warrior Mom and her daughters

Nutrition During Cancer Treatments

Nutrition During Cancer Treatments

By Crystal Brown-Tatum

When diagnosed with cancer, the dietary goals for most healthy Americans can drastically change; especially during and after cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. There are many side effects to cancer treatments which may affect your appetite including loss of appetite, changes in taste and smell, dental and gum problems, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and lactose intolerance.

Colon cancer survivor Linda Dotie realized that nutrition was vital during treatment. Despite losing twelve pounds during chemotherapy and radiation, she forced herself to eat even when she had little or no appetitite. “I made a conscious effort to eat a balanced meal. I began reading a lot about what I could and should eat.”

Since Dotie was being treated for colon cancer, she avoided red meat and increased her chicken and fish intake. She also found that fresh fruits upset her stomach so she avoided them.

Nutrition recommendations for cancer patients are different because they are designed to help you build your strength and help you withstand the effects of your cancer and your treatment. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the main goal before, during, and after treatments is to maintain adequate calories for weight maintenance and adequate protein to optimize your immune system, strength, and tolerance to treatments.

Dr. Alan Grosbach and Diane Talley, RN, OCN, of Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, confirm that cancer patients face unique challenges with diet and appetite; particularly during chemotherapy. Dr. Grossbach says that keeping a line of communication open with patients is key to identifying nutritional deficiencies.

“In addition to a visual assessment and weigh in schedule, I make it a point to talk to patients about their diet and appetite. I’m also on the lookout for types of cancer which more often cause lack of appetite such as liver or intestinal cancers.” Grossbach says that the most common complaint during chemotherapy is that foods taste different and textures may be unpleasant.

In addition to changes in taste, mouth sores are a common complaint during treatment. Talley recommends a “magic mouthwash” of equal parts of maalox, benadryl, carfate, viscous lidocaine swished and spit out to relieve the pain associated with the sores. The mouthwash can be ordered through a compunding pharmacy.

Next to getting enough calories in the first place, the most important nutritional rule for people with cancer is to focus on getting a well-balanced, healthy diet from natural sources, including fruits and vegetables, with a heavy emphasis on protein. Patients can increase protein in their diets by eating more nuts, peas, milk, cheese, eggs, peanut butter and poultry.

Claudine Schmidt, M.S., LDN, RD, with Willis-Knighton Health System, works with patients on an individual basis to determine food plans based on types of cancer and treatments. “During treatment, healthy cells are damaged and protein is needed to repair the cells and tissues and aid in the healing process. An increased caloric intake is vital for energy as the metabolic rate increases during treatment.”

Schmidt acknowledges that there may be times when patients simply feel that they can not tolerate anything by mouth. In addition to ginger ale and waiting 45 minutes to have liquids after a meal, she suggests giving it your best attempt to eat something light as bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, and dry toast,; commonly referred to as the BRAT diet. The BRAT diet consists of foods that are relatively bland, easy to digest, and low in fiber.

Schmidt points out that cancers of the neck or mouth heighten a patient’s lowered appetite or ability to eat and recommends clear liquid nutritional supplements.

When you’re being treated for cancer, it’s more important than ever to eat a healthy diet and get good nutrition. Eating the right foods before, during, and after your treatment can help you feel better and stronger. Remember, your body is working overtime to fight the cancer and to repair healthy cells that may have been damaged as a side effect of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Mrs. Crystal Brown-Tatum is the CEO and President of Crystal Clear Communications- a Houston based advertising agency and public relations firm with whose portfolio boasts work for Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Wal-mart, Comp USA, Best Buy and Audi. She is a one-year breast cancer survivor.

Comments by Rose Ragan

Crystal Brown-Tatum pointed out correctly that it is very important to get enough calories of the most natural source and especially during treatment as the metabolic rate increases. The trouble with consuming more good food is that the patient is used to eating certain foods and there is a definite correlation to health and eating patterns. So some if not most patients are not necessarily changing their diet for the better but are just trying to eat more of their existing diet/

Most cancer patients need to make some drastic changes in their diets. This is the time to find better ways of eating and changing what foods are actually consumed.

Adding in an easy supernutritious liquid is easy.

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