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The Importance of Fitness when Dealing with Cancer

Post-diagnosis, most cancer patients reevaluate their life priorities. This list is always topped with doing everything that one can to have successful treatment, and to stop the cancer from returning. The best way to accomplish that goal is to get fit and stay that way. According to Dr. Matthew Hoffman or WebMD, exercise leads to a longer life and less recurrence of cancer. The latest research backs up this claim.

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, plenty of exercise and wise lifestyle choices can lessen the risk of getting cancer in the first place. The good news is that for those that have already lived through a diagnosis, those same principles can help you survive for a longer period of time and lessen the risk of the cancer returning. You can improve your prognosis, even if you have been diagnosed with heart, lung, breast or other cancers.  Although fitness will help anyone that has been diagnosed with cancers, someone diagnosed with breast cancer usually will be able to perform more exercises than one that has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease such as mesothelioma.  

Recent evidence suggests that breast cancer survivors have a lower rate of recurrence and live longer if they exercise. The same results have been shown in colorectal cancer survivors. Most survivors are willing to do anything and everything they can to stop the cancer from coming back. This includes focusing on weight control through consuming a healthy diet and exercising daily. Multiple studies show a link between being overweight and having a greater chance of cancer recurrence. The same studies show a lesser survival time for those that need to lose weight.

Everyone benefits from regular exercise, not just cancer survivors. However, cancer survivors seek to benefit the most from and increased level of activity. Benefits of regular exercise include weight loss, muscle gain, improved mood, memory and concentration, less fatigue and an increase in self-confidence. Exercising also lowers the risk of other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, exercise is a great stress reducer, something many cancer survivors need!

Those that begin a regular exercise regimen shortly after diagnosis or treatment will reap these benefits early on. Although treatment can make you feel tired all the time, resist the temptation to stay sedentary. While an appropriate amount of rest is certainly needed, speak with your doctor about beginning an exercise plan and implement it as soon as it is safe to do so.

By: David Haas

Over 1000 Nuclear Explosions in USA since 1945


Of the over 2000 nuclear explosions world wide since 1945 over half of them have been in the US.  This is not good.  This means that all those toxic substances that have drifted or leached into our water are affecting our country’s people.  No wonder we have so much cancer and obesity!

Watch the video and become scared.  Then tune into the health channels and find out what you can do to help your amazing immune system get rid of all the toxins we come into contact with.

To your health…

Earthing Grounding with David Wolfe


Grounding and/or Earthing has major health benefits.  David Wolfe, well known and leading edge Longevity expert on Health, talks about the incredible benefits of grounding.  In the video there are some live blood analysis videos of red blood cells clumping in participants who volunteered to be test subject and who were experiencing severe pain.  After 20 minutes being grounded their blood was drawn again and the entire audience (I was there and it was incredible!!) got to see  both the before and after live blood samples.  The before typically showed sluggish red blood cells that were clumping or stacking together and the after was an amazing difference.  The red blood cells were singular and bouncing around happily.  Wow!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, especially at 4:30 point where there is a video of white blood cells tracking down a parasite and chasing it then eventually catching it!! Amazing video.

Ever since that conference my family, including my Mom, the original Cancer Warrior Mom, sleeps and works grounded as much as possible.  Take a look at the Earthing tab for more info.

Candy and Diapers – typical list for Caregivers

Caregiving for a parent is so common that the fact should be much more well publicized.  Most of the adult children caregivers I know and have met during this trying caregiving time were surprised that this most important task has fallen to them to be burdened with.  I think that since people don’t want to ever be dependent upon someone else for their daily needs that the fact that it happens more often than not is overlooked.

One day I was out shopping and I bought Depends – adult diapers, and Halloween candy.  Talk about being stuck in a Sandwich generation / time period!  Also, with more debilitating diseases the chance of your parents becoming sickly and unable to care for themselves at an earlier age  is increased so to does the chance that you will be caregiving for both your children and for your parent(s).

This is not a good time although there are good times interspersed, as there are with any caring relationship.  Caregiving for a parent or any loved one, is a full time job and if you have both kids and adults to care for your life and time expended are increased exponentially.  But as you know your kids will eventually become self sufficient you also know your parent(s) will not.  This adds a deeper feeling that you have to get this right the first time!  You have so much that you owe to your parent(s) and you have so much love for them that you don’t want to see them suffering all the while you are fully invested in learning all you can about the disease or illness and about all then life skills and tools that are needed at this time.  If you are fighting a disease like we were, cancer, then there is  no lack of learning about symptom management, disease slowing, health and nutrition, and also mental support to insure that the patient, your own family, and yourself keep well emotionally and spiritually.

As your parent’s life winds down and if there are physical limitations, as the life circle get’s smaller then a fullness of life is still there and is still feeling.  At times overwhelming but knowing that this too will pass and the strength of the human spirit to be able to accomplish anything is always present and always working.  Sometimes all you need to do is look at your list of items you have just bought and see the life story there.  Amazing.

THE CANCER INDUSTRY by Jackie “Cancer Warrior Mom”

At times I have been so mad at the ‘Cancer Industry’ that I want to go ballistic. But at other times, I am grateful for my current doctor’s intelligence and kindness, and all the ‘oh so supportive’ medical employees.
I was diagnosed with gastro-intestional cancer late in 2006, (about the same time that Farrah Fawcet was and with the same kind of cancer) and not knowing any better, went down the road toward radiation of the two areas and then chemo-procedures for treatment of cancer cells in my body.

I was definitely rushed along to the decision toward radiation and chemotherapy by the professional staff at the Clinic.

At the same time I begin to review the chemo-industry magazines’ articles available on shelves at the facility. Each magazine had a “success story” of a patient who became free of cancer, according to lab tests done at certain time periods, by use of various chemical poisons utilized for certain cancers. Unfortunately, only two chemicals of the hundreds was listed as potentially successful on my type of cancer.

Being told of the danger of waiting to have chemo-treatment, and despite all the chemical’s side effects (baldness, extreme nausea, even death), I went along with the procedures. The treatment room was full of very somber patients hooked up the water solutions to which were added the chemical in more water solutions, then followed by more water solutions ‘to protect the blood vessels.’

I was just over 65 years of age and so Medicare paid for all my treatment expenses. I was shocked that the bills could run to well over $30,000/year.

Patients usually had blood tests with each chemo treatment. We each saw ‘our’ oncologist every few weeks where results of the blood tests or other proce.edures like Cat scans were explained. This would tell us if our cancer was ‘decreasing’ or not.

At one appointment, imagine my surprise when my oncologist told me that she was dismissing me as a patient so she could treat patients with a better chance of survival. My sister had driven me to this appointment, and we left the Clinic in shock.

After that time, I tried many other procedures. I went to a Chinese doctor, did the procedures and took home tea powders to make. I also went to Tijuana once and got pills shipped to me, a tonic to dilute and drink and dietary instructions. At each of these Clinics, I was treated with great sympathy and kindness, but it was basically too late for me. And it was very expensive as well.

About this time, it became apparent that I could no longer live alone, so I was moved into one of my daughter’s home. Then we both continued to read about cancer and its treatments, about healthier nutrition, and so on. I read a book titled ‘The China Syndrome,’ published over 10 years ago, in which the conclusions were (to my understanding) that eating red meat and heavy protein diets lead to more cancer. Many other books, published over 15 years ago, stated that the current heavy protein diet as eaten by north Americans and others in developed countries, led to higher cancer rates.

Yet no one has scolded the meat or dairy industries here. I never saw major magazine articles that mentioned more that ‘eat a nutritious diet with high protein intake.’

Why didn’t I know with clarity the danger of a high protein diet? And, milk and cheese products fit into this high protein arena — white mustache or not.

Now I am on Hospice, waiting to die.

Nutrition and Cancer Video


Dr. Donald Abrams talks for an hour about the importance of “We Are What We Eat” (Adelle Davis).  The bottom line is we must eat well in order to be well.  In this day our healthcare system is too focused on disease management when it should be teaching wellness or “good” health activities.

When treating a person living with cancer (think of the cancer is a weed and the person is the garden) you try to make the soil as inhospitable as possible to the weed.  Basically he supported a diet that is:
  Organic, Plant-based, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory

The World Cancer Research fund publishes recommendations to reduce the risk of contracting cancer.   These include:
1.  be as lean as possible without being underweight
2.  be physically active at least 30 min a day
3.  avoid sugary drinks and limit consumption of energy dense foods
4.  eat a variety of vegetables, legumes, beans
      You cannot eat too much cruciferous vegetables!  Broccoli needs to be crushed and chewed.  Broccoli sprouts are 1000 times better than broccoli.  Kale is great.  Soy products like tofu, bean and milk are fine but limit more soy processed foods like fake meat items.  Tomatoes are rich in lycopene but need to be cooked in oil so use olive oil as that is a neutral oil.  Onions and garlic are great miracle foods.  Ginger is good and tumeric is great.  Tumeric has been shown to have many activities against cancer cells.  How much tumeric?  a teaspoon a day adding black pepper since that increases absorption 1000fold.  Mushrooms are another species, not plant nor animal.  All mushrooms must be cooked and they are antioxidants and immune enhancing.  Eat heavily pigmented fruit like blueberries and red grapes.  Eat food in Nature’s packaging as that is the best!  Jasmine and basmati rice are better than the others and millet and quinoa should be added to our diet.
5.  Limit consumption of red meats and avoid processed meats
          He lives on salmon, a cold water fish.  Also he likes Omega 3 supplements.  I love salmon and now with Costco carrying it is easy to have every night of the week if we want.
6.   If alcohol is consumed limit amount to 2 drinks for men and 1 for women. Taking resveratol capsules maybe beneficial.  Green tea is very beneficial.  I consume 2 cups in the morning and try to get in 2 at night.
7.  limit salt intake
8.  don’t take supplements instead eat more of Nature’s packaging.  Although there are some classes of people that may benefit from supplements.  Frail elderly folks who consume small amounts of calories would be able to get the nutrients they need only in supplements.

Everyone of the recommendations we have all heard and most we abide by.  Of course not smoking is the top of the list.  Keeping thinner than you think was a recent eye opener for me.  Traveling to other poorer countries educates you as to how much us Americans eat and really you don’t need to eat that much.  If you eat and drink only high quality food products then you are leaps ahead.

Please comment on your own thoughts below.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thank you.

GMO Foods and Us

I’ve been hearing a lot about genetically modified foods throughout all the past years of nutrition study with the Cancer Warrior.  Withover 85% of all corn, soybeans and cotton being GMO that translates into over 70% of processed foods containing GMO.  A number of studies have shown that GMO foods contribute to increased cancer rates among many other problems.  The government hasn’t done anything to control this growing concern although in Europe GMO foods have been banned from grocery store shelves. 

Download this booklet of GMO foods and take it with you when you got to the store.  Vote with your grocery dollars and we’ll get these frankenstein foods out of there quick.  Don’t forget to tell the manager that you are not buying this brand because it contains GMO food.

Here’s a link to the True Food Now website with more information.

Cancer Warrior’s Daughter Shares Story


In this video, Rose Ragan shares a bit of her story about why this website came about.

Nutrition Video – Liquid Nutrition for the Cancer Patient


As the video illustrates there are a lot of side effects from chemotherapy. Dr. Cathcart talks a bit about avoiding the side effects with good nutrition and suggests:
1. more frequent smaller meals
2. drink an hour before and an hour after eating to allow digestive juices to stay at full strength
3. you can take vitamins and minerals that may help side effects of chemotherapy and also may help enhance the treatment itself

Further discussion from Rose Ragan
Two of the most worrisome side effects of chemotherapy are excessive weight loss and the loss of appetite. Lots of patients undergoing treatment do not want to eat much and so it becomes harder to boost the nutrition intake. With supernutritious liquid products getting better nutrition becomes that much easier.

Please comment and share your own viewpoint.

Death by Eating


Natalie, who is a dietician student talks about working in a hospital and seeing so many people who by the choices that they have made with regard to eating, are very sick.  Bottom line:  don’t wait until tragedy strikes to make positive changes.

During these past few years since the Cancer Warrior Mom has started her battle against cancer, we (the entire family) have been researching, reading, asking, learning, searching for everything pertaining to fighting cancer at it’s source.  We have made many changes and have learned some incredible facts.

On thing that hits me so often is that oftentimes most of the folks that have changed their diets for the good only do it after something bad happens.  The ones that don’t yet have any bad conditions seem to be too busy to make any changes or they think that what they are doing is good enough, they can always change later on if they need to.  But this is not the case!  Later on can be too little, too late!  People really do have to start making changes now, slowly if they need to, but they need to start immediately.  There is a saying

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade.” 

Well this is so true.  If you listen or read or keep up on the latest health discoveries (or re-discoveries.. but that is for another post) then look for ways to implement positive changes into your diet, you will, over time, be massively different than if you made no changes.  And if you keep getting the message that something that you do or eat is a definite bad one, then really think how and when you can make the BIG change and get that bad habit out of your life.  Look for other like-minded people to help and support you.

To your health,
The Cancer Warrior Mom and her daughters