Hello Cancer Warriors!


In this video, Rose Ragan shares a bit of her story about why this website came about.

Who we are and our Challenge –

Hello, my name is Rose Ragan. My Mom, Jackie along with me and my two sisters have been waging battle against Cancer for her last four years. Our Mom was diagnosed with anal cancer back in 2006. In 2008, her doctors told us her cancer was “incurable” and to call Hospice because she had only a few months to live. We changed doctors (of course) and then started the next battle with a new wave of chemotherapy and radiation. We followed all the traditional western medical paths but we also explored many alternative cancer treatments. During all this time we had extreme difficulty keeping Mom healthy and feeling well. Chemotherapy killed her appetite, she lost her hair three different times along with over 40 pounds. The medications and treatment schedules negatively affected her health and well-being.

Additionally, our Mother-in-law at the same time was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  Her cancerous tumor was in the back part of her brain in the drainage area.  The surgery to remove the tumor got only aobut %80 due to the tumor being intertwined with her spine.  The surgery nicked something so that her swallowing ability no longer worked afterward  This meant that she could not eat and she had a breathing tube and a tracheostomy.  She survived on a liquid diet with a G-tube where you poured her meals down a funnel directly into her stomach three to four times a day.

Why we are here –

With both of our Mothers suffering through Cancer and all the related side effects and complications we were put through a large learning curve.  The horrific battles and wars that we’ve gone through have armed us with amazing weapons and tools that we absolutely have to share with you to build up your armor to help you get through your battle/war. We tried many different things and made many mistakes.

During this trying and long war we also spend countless hours, attended numerous conferences, read a boat load of books, researched mega hours on the internet all on learning all we could about cancer and how to fight it before getting it, while having it, dealing with side effects and how to attempt to arrest it.

One of the bright spots of this dark time was that we and our families learned so much about health, nutrition, cancer and how to prevent it that our families are benefiting NOW.  Most cancer patients change their diets AFTER they get the cancer prognosis if they so desire and some have helped themselves in time but for others it is often too late.  We feel our Mom’s blessings on us as we as Mothers ourselves, help our families stay healthy and cancer free.

We feel very strongly that this information must be shared with you and others. It’s imperative to stay as strong as possible through all the cancer treatments and for all others to ward off cancer and nutritional deficient problems.

Dedicated to the Memory of our Mothers , both Cancer Warrior Moms –

This site’s purpose is now Health, Strength, Vitality and Life.  We will put up any information that we have learned and has helped us.

How to Connect with us –

We want to hear from you! Complete the Contact Form and send us your questions, comments or shares.

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