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Cancer Industry Fundraisers – Good or Evil?

Once again, even though my home phone has been listed on the Do Not Call list forever, I received a call from a Cancer fighting organization or so they say. I don’t understand why Cancer companies, police fundraisers and all home improvement firms seem immune from the Do Not Call list. I patiently listen to the appeal, ask for the representative’s name and the name of the company and then politely asked to be removed from their list. Often I say why although most times the words I say go in one ear and out the other in fact once they realize that I’m not interested in handing over any cash the disconnect is imminent. If I do get a chance I tell them I’m not interested in helping other companies battle cancer only interested in getting the word out about the only proven way to cure cancer and that is with a healthy immune system. I believe I have a right to shake my head when the Cancer fighting companies come knocking. I have spent the last four years deep within the battles waged over both my Mother’s body and my Mother-in-law’s body while they both fought Cancer and all the terrible beasts that go along with that. In addition to the body problems they also were continually shocked by the Medical industry answer. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, g-tube, tracheotomy, filters, drains, colostomy and an array of other medical industry procedures were used on these two lovely women. Yes, some of them were life saving but only because of problems with other procedures that maybe weren’t needed anyway. How can I say?

Here is a blog post comment I posted on the greensmoothiegirl.com post about a fundraiser that a Cancer fighting company held that used donuts as a sort of prize or bonus points if consumed quickly or some such stupidness…
My Mother was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2005 and as she put it “did everything her doctors said to do but nothing worked over the long term.” Sure the chemo did shrink the tumor and with it some of the negative effects of the larger tumor and so some relief and time seemed worth it but it seems that once on the bandwagon there is no getting off until you are dead and along the way more and more battles to face. My kids tease me because I continuously say that sugar is food for cancer and the Cancer loves it! I continue to ask to be removed from every telemarketer list for any sort of Cancer organization because I, like you, believe that the only CURE for cancer is a healthy immune system and Cancer organizations are really only interested in a cure, not any protection.
I do understand and agree that most people are not guilty of trying to mislead but are just unenlightened. Thus I often will only state my belief and not condemn others for their actions. What we do need more of is good information about the importance of eating whole foods rather than any over processed gunk.

Cancer is big business and with the amount of money involved and the number of people affected the epidemic seems unsurmountable. We have to keep on educating from the grass roots and up through our push we can fight the over production of food and the spread of frankenstein produced food knockoffs being brought to our kids plates.
Let’s move to more simple, whole foods for health, vitality and life!

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