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Earthing Grounding with David Wolfe


Grounding and/or Earthing has major health benefits.  David Wolfe, well known and leading edge Longevity expert on Health, talks about the incredible benefits of grounding.  In the video there are some live blood analysis videos of red blood cells clumping in participants who volunteered to be test subject and who were experiencing severe pain.  After 20 minutes being grounded their blood was drawn again and the entire audience (I was there and it was incredible!!) got to see  both the before and after live blood samples.  The before typically showed sluggish red blood cells that were clumping or stacking together and the after was an amazing difference.  The red blood cells were singular and bouncing around happily.  Wow!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, especially at 4:30 point where there is a video of white blood cells tracking down a parasite and chasing it then eventually catching it!! Amazing video.

Ever since that conference my family, including my Mom, the original Cancer Warrior Mom, sleeps and works grounded as much as possible.  Take a look at the Earthing tab for more info.

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