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Earthing Grounding with David Wolfe


Grounding and/or Earthing has major health benefits.  David Wolfe, well known and leading edge Longevity expert on Health, talks about the incredible benefits of grounding.  In the video there are some live blood analysis videos of red blood cells clumping in participants who volunteered to be test subject and who were experiencing severe pain.  After 20 minutes being grounded their blood was drawn again and the entire audience (I was there and it was incredible!!) got to see  both the before and after live blood samples.  The before typically showed sluggish red blood cells that were clumping or stacking together and the after was an amazing difference.  The red blood cells were singular and bouncing around happily.  Wow!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, especially at 4:30 point where there is a video of white blood cells tracking down a parasite and chasing it then eventually catching it!! Amazing video.

Ever since that conference my family, including my Mom, the original Cancer Warrior Mom, sleeps and works grounded as much as possible.  Take a look at the Earthing tab for more info.

Candy and Diapers – typical list for Caregivers

Caregiving for a parent is so common that the fact should be much more well publicized.  Most of the adult children caregivers I know and have met during this trying caregiving time were surprised that this most important task has fallen to them to be burdened with.  I think that since people don’t want to ever be dependent upon someone else for their daily needs that the fact that it happens more often than not is overlooked.

One day I was out shopping and I bought Depends – adult diapers, and Halloween candy.  Talk about being stuck in a Sandwich generation / time period!  Also, with more debilitating diseases the chance of your parents becoming sickly and unable to care for themselves at an earlier age  is increased so to does the chance that you will be caregiving for both your children and for your parent(s).

This is not a good time although there are good times interspersed, as there are with any caring relationship.  Caregiving for a parent or any loved one, is a full time job and if you have both kids and adults to care for your life and time expended are increased exponentially.  But as you know your kids will eventually become self sufficient you also know your parent(s) will not.  This adds a deeper feeling that you have to get this right the first time!  You have so much that you owe to your parent(s) and you have so much love for them that you don’t want to see them suffering all the while you are fully invested in learning all you can about the disease or illness and about all then life skills and tools that are needed at this time.  If you are fighting a disease like we were, cancer, then there is  no lack of learning about symptom management, disease slowing, health and nutrition, and also mental support to insure that the patient, your own family, and yourself keep well emotionally and spiritually.

As your parent’s life winds down and if there are physical limitations, as the life circle get’s smaller then a fullness of life is still there and is still feeling.  At times overwhelming but knowing that this too will pass and the strength of the human spirit to be able to accomplish anything is always present and always working.  Sometimes all you need to do is look at your list of items you have just bought and see the life story there.  Amazing.