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EMF – Is the Damage Worth the Convenience?

I’ve been reading a lot about EMF – ElectroMagnetic Fields and how they work and how they can affect our bodies.  There are many reports out there that say that EMFs can effect and cause biological negative problems and damage.  With that much research and that many Researchers talking about the potential and possible problems isn’t it prudent to use the Precautionary Principle and AVOID it as much as possible??!

The frequency ranges from (sorted in danger risk)
  ionizing radiation
   — gamma rays (xrays)
   — ultraviolet
  non-ionizing radiation
  — Wi-FI (this is downright scary)
  — microwave
  — cell phones (this is downright scary)
  —radio, TV

We all know that the EMF radiation emitted from microwaves is bad and most of us walk away from the microwave while it’s on, but did you know that cell phones and WI-FI networks are similar or worse on the scale?!   Try using a EMF detector and you will see that when the microwave is on the higher, more dangerous radiation eminates outward from the microwave out to 6-8 feet in all directions.  I try not to use it anymore but when I do I turn it on then scoot quickly out of range and I wait 20 seconds after it’s complete to insure that there are no remaining dangerous waves for me to walk into.  A silent killer I think.

But who can do without a cell phone in this day and age or WI-FI in their homes?  I know that we are addicted to it and in fact the new smart phones are my business (see  Smart phones are now telling folks where and how to live their lives.  Little do most folks know that the frequency waves coming from the cell phones are similar to our bodies frequency and so can cause havoc in our body mechanics.  So do yourself a favor and learn a bit about the dangers and take some precautions. 
  Don’t carry your cell phone against your body, carry it in a purse pocket or a jacket pocket or your brief.
  Do not ever sleep with it under your pillow or near your head.  Detectors say that phones can reach 6 inches or more so more it away from you.
  Use the speaker phone when possible so that you don’t hold the phone against your precious head while it’s on and eminating the danger waves the farthest out.
  Investigate those stickers that are supposed to help change the frequency waves into biologically different waves that are not harmless to human bodies and other household devices designed to create a more healthy environment.

Stay aware and involved in what’s happening to your environment.  Just like you don’t like polution this is also a silent polution that can have devastating affects.