The Downward Spiral

I titled this post the “Downward Spiral” but what is really happening is a sort of downward staircase because every once in a while the Cancer Warrior, whom has been battling a fatal enemy for three years, encounters a new enemy and that takes her down for a while and then she recovers a bit but afterwards is at a new lower level of life mobility.

This time a side effect from the chemotherapy has caused more problems.  We have been having a lot of discussions about her Western doctors telling her exactly what she had to do then at some point (and each doctor except for her primary care doctor whom is still with us) after their “knowledge” is worn off they drop her.  She’s had four different doctors tell her to go on Hospice and that they can no longer offer her any further treatments.  Thank God, I say, because they have only been causing her harm with each different treatment.  She’s very disillusioned, says she thought she was doing everything right, always listened to her doctors and now where are they?! 

So let’s focus on what’s still working.  She’s still on the liquid nutritious shakes and tonics, liquid nutrition, and that seems to be keeping her immune system healthy.  Her tumor in her right leg lymphnode has broken open to the air.  When this happened a couple of months ago the doctor told me that this is what would kill her, she would develop an infection from this open wound and the infection would kill her.  Well so far, and it’s been over two months, she has not developed an infection.  When her pain is controlled she is feeling really great and is talkative and filled with plans.  She’s a pretty incredible woman with an unlimited amount of energy and projects planned and in progress.  She’s just being eaten up from the tumor but it seems to be slow moving.  Hopefully all that we are doing is keeping it at bay.

She’s keeping her edema under control and is exercising with her rebounder.  She is using the Cellerciser to exercise with the bar for stability and is jumping or at least bouncing for minutes daily.  It’s hard some days but we definitely believe that her non-working lymphatic system in her right leg would be a lot bigger were it not for her rebounding, massage and raising the leg as much as possible. 

This right leg has been a battle keeping the lymph in control so that her leg is not so large and red and hot.  But we’re working the battle and staying on top of it and it’s working. 

The latest problem that the Cancer Warrior has run into has to do with her leg.  Although the edema seems to be under control the tumor is eating into her nerves and causing pain and now extreme weakness.  Her leg seems to go in and out so it became difficult to get up from the bed or chair at times.  So we rearrange furniture so that in each place there is something that she can use to help her feel more secure getting up and down.

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