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THE CANCER INDUSTRY by Jackie “Cancer Warrior Mom”

At times I have been so mad at the ‘Cancer Industry’ that I want to go ballistic. But at other times, I am grateful for my current doctor’s intelligence and kindness, and all the ‘oh so supportive’ medical employees.
I was diagnosed with gastro-intestional cancer late in 2006, (about the same time that Farrah Fawcet was and with the same kind of cancer) and not knowing any better, went down the road toward radiation of the two areas and then chemo-procedures for treatment of cancer cells in my body.

I was definitely rushed along to the decision toward radiation and chemotherapy by the professional staff at the Clinic.

At the same time I begin to review the chemo-industry magazines’ articles available on shelves at the facility. Each magazine had a “success story” of a patient who became free of cancer, according to lab tests done at certain time periods, by use of various chemical poisons utilized for certain cancers. Unfortunately, only two chemicals of the hundreds was listed as potentially successful on my type of cancer.

Being told of the danger of waiting to have chemo-treatment, and despite all the chemical’s side effects (baldness, extreme nausea, even death), I went along with the procedures. The treatment room was full of very somber patients hooked up the water solutions to which were added the chemical in more water solutions, then followed by more water solutions ‘to protect the blood vessels.’

I was just over 65 years of age and so Medicare paid for all my treatment expenses. I was shocked that the bills could run to well over $30,000/year.

Patients usually had blood tests with each chemo treatment. We each saw ‘our’ oncologist every few weeks where results of the blood tests or other proce.edures like Cat scans were explained. This would tell us if our cancer was ‘decreasing’ or not.

At one appointment, imagine my surprise when my oncologist told me that she was dismissing me as a patient so she could treat patients with a better chance of survival. My sister had driven me to this appointment, and we left the Clinic in shock.

After that time, I tried many other procedures. I went to a Chinese doctor, did the procedures and took home tea powders to make. I also went to Tijuana once and got pills shipped to me, a tonic to dilute and drink and dietary instructions. At each of these Clinics, I was treated with great sympathy and kindness, but it was basically too late for me. And it was very expensive as well.

About this time, it became apparent that I could no longer live alone, so I was moved into one of my daughter’s home. Then we both continued to read about cancer and its treatments, about healthier nutrition, and so on. I read a book titled ‘The China Syndrome,’ published over 10 years ago, in which the conclusions were (to my understanding) that eating red meat and heavy protein diets lead to more cancer. Many other books, published over 15 years ago, stated that the current heavy protein diet as eaten by north Americans and others in developed countries, led to higher cancer rates.

Yet no one has scolded the meat or dairy industries here. I never saw major magazine articles that mentioned more that ‘eat a nutritious diet with high protein intake.’

Why didn’t I know with clarity the danger of a high protein diet? And, milk and cheese products fit into this high protein arena — white mustache or not.

Now I am on Hospice, waiting to die.

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