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One Less Thing to Worry About

With a Mother, our Cancer Warrior who is fighting a terrible battle with a terminal illness, there are many things to be concerned with.  She continues to have problems that the growing cancer tumors cause along with a host of other problems.  One thing that we feel so fortunate to no longer worry about is what she is eating, or not eating for that matter.  With the super nutrition products we found for her it is so very easy to make a delicious shake in the morning, adding bananas or apples or any other fruit for increased taste benefit and also for additional nutritious benefit.  After she also has a small breakfast, when she can stomach something, then at lunchtime we make another shake for her. 

If she is not in the mood for more liquid I can make it with as little or as much liquid and ice as her mood fits.  I make two shakes each time as caregiving does wear me down and the nutrition benefit serves me as well.  I definitely have more energy and so am a better caregiver, daughter, and friend to my Mom as well as a wife, mother, athlete for myself and my family.  I feel very fortunate that we found this solution.

Also, my teenager daughter used to not ever eat breakfast before going off to school in the morning.  Now since she’s seen what the products have done for us AND she tasted it she now makes herself a shake each morning.  Boy do I smile whenever I hear the blender in the morning because I know I am doing the best I can to provide her with superior nutrition each and every morning.  And with very little effort on my part other than making sure I have enough product as well as bananas and peanut butter.

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