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Edema – Dr. Hong Explains

I found a video on google videos that was inseresting.  Dr. Hong had very good information put into a short but very informational video.  He talked about a few of the causes of edema, salt, kidneys, heart failure, vein problems and a couple of others.  He also outlined a few remedies in use to treat edema. 
Take a look at it http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8684957483880514059#

My comments:  The Cancer Warrior has edema from groin lymph nodes that are cancer tumor ridden so they no longer work correctly.  Her right leg can be twice as large as her left leg and the scale can be up to 10 pounds heavier when her leg is bad.  We do many things to help:
1.  elevate the leg as much as possible, actually every time she sits down she then elevates the leg.
2.  rebounding on a cellerciser, we believe helps move the lymph fluid up the series of one way valves to help lessen the right leg.
3.  as necessary she takes a diuretic but continual use can be damaging so this must be under a doctors direction.
4.  edema massage helps move the lymph up and out.

Please visit our reviews page for more information on the Cancer Warriors use of the Cellerciser and how much benefit she has gotten from it.  Please comment and share any questions or stories of your own.  Thank you.

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