Simple Easy Way to Extend Your Life by 6.4 Years

David Wolfe interviews Dr. Mark Merriman, M.D. who says the secret to extending your healthy life  is not sexy but it’s insane to not do it.  Only 18 percent of the population flosses and flossing is more important that brushing!!  Over 60% of Dentist say flossing is better than brushing.  Flossing gets rid of bacteria.  Every time you brush you get a measurable increase of bacteria in your blood stream but flossing lowers the severity of gingivitis.

Scientific studies showed that gingivitis was one of the biggest indicator of problems.  Those folks had two times as many heart attacks, huge increase in diabetes, and a huge increase in strokes.    If you floss and it causes bleeding then you know that flossing is getting rid of necrotic tissue and it is replaced with normal healthy tissue.   The more you floss the better it is.  Bacteria loves simple sugar and hids in the pockets of the teeth, places where toothbrushes can’t reach.  Flossing is the ONLY way to remove it. 

A scary stastic – If you are 50 years old and have gingivitis then you are 2.7 times more likely to die of a sudden death, and you are 3 times more likely to die a cardiac death!  Get that floss out!!  Burts Bees and Toms.

part two is here

Also, it’s important to use the right toothpaste.  Most commonly used toothpastes are poisonous to us, in fact they say if you swallow too much you need to call the Poison Control Center.  Remember that one of the quickest ways to get medications or anything into your body is to place it under your tongue and then the bloodstream gets it quickly. As you brush with the toxic toothpastes of course that sits in your mouth and under your tongue.  Try to reduce the amount of toxins you actually put into YOUR MOUTH!


The Importance of Fitness when Dealing with Cancer

Post-diagnosis, most cancer patients reevaluate their life priorities. This list is always topped with doing everything that one can to have successful treatment, and to stop the cancer from returning. The best way to accomplish that goal is to get fit and stay that way. According to Dr. Matthew Hoffman or WebMD, exercise leads to a longer life and less recurrence of cancer. The latest research backs up this claim.

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, plenty of exercise and wise lifestyle choices can lessen the risk of getting cancer in the first place. The good news is that for those that have already lived through a diagnosis, those same principles can help you survive for a longer period of time and lessen the risk of the cancer returning. You can improve your prognosis, even if you have been diagnosed with heart, lung, breast or other cancers.  Although fitness will help anyone that has been diagnosed with cancers, someone diagnosed with breast cancer usually will be able to perform more exercises than one that has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease such as mesothelioma.  

Recent evidence suggests that breast cancer survivors have a lower rate of recurrence and live longer if they exercise. The same results have been shown in colorectal cancer survivors. Most survivors are willing to do anything and everything they can to stop the cancer from coming back. This includes focusing on weight control through consuming a healthy diet and exercising daily. Multiple studies show a link between being overweight and having a greater chance of cancer recurrence. The same studies show a lesser survival time for those that need to lose weight.

Everyone benefits from regular exercise, not just cancer survivors. However, cancer survivors seek to benefit the most from and increased level of activity. Benefits of regular exercise include weight loss, muscle gain, improved mood, memory and concentration, less fatigue and an increase in self-confidence. Exercising also lowers the risk of other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, exercise is a great stress reducer, something many cancer survivors need!

Those that begin a regular exercise regimen shortly after diagnosis or treatment will reap these benefits early on. Although treatment can make you feel tired all the time, resist the temptation to stay sedentary. While an appropriate amount of rest is certainly needed, speak with your doctor about beginning an exercise plan and implement it as soon as it is safe to do so.

By: David Haas

Cancer Industry Fundraisers – Good or Evil?

Once again, even though my home phone has been listed on the Do Not Call list forever, I received a call from a Cancer fighting organization or so they say. I don’t understand why Cancer companies, police fundraisers and all home improvement firms seem immune from the Do Not Call list. I patiently listen to the appeal, ask for the representative’s name and the name of the company and then politely asked to be removed from their list. Often I say why although most times the words I say go in one ear and out the other in fact once they realize that I’m not interested in handing over any cash the disconnect is imminent. If I do get a chance I tell them I’m not interested in helping other companies battle cancer only interested in getting the word out about the only proven way to cure cancer and that is with a healthy immune system. I believe I have a right to shake my head when the Cancer fighting companies come knocking. I have spent the last four years deep within the battles waged over both my Mother’s body and my Mother-in-law’s body while they both fought Cancer and all the terrible beasts that go along with that. In addition to the body problems they also were continually shocked by the Medical industry answer. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, g-tube, tracheotomy, filters, drains, colostomy and an array of other medical industry procedures were used on these two lovely women. Yes, some of them were life saving but only because of problems with other procedures that maybe weren’t needed anyway. How can I say?

Here is a blog post comment I posted on the post about a fundraiser that a Cancer fighting company held that used donuts as a sort of prize or bonus points if consumed quickly or some such stupidness…
My Mother was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2005 and as she put it “did everything her doctors said to do but nothing worked over the long term.” Sure the chemo did shrink the tumor and with it some of the negative effects of the larger tumor and so some relief and time seemed worth it but it seems that once on the bandwagon there is no getting off until you are dead and along the way more and more battles to face. My kids tease me because I continuously say that sugar is food for cancer and the Cancer loves it! I continue to ask to be removed from every telemarketer list for any sort of Cancer organization because I, like you, believe that the only CURE for cancer is a healthy immune system and Cancer organizations are really only interested in a cure, not any protection.
I do understand and agree that most people are not guilty of trying to mislead but are just unenlightened. Thus I often will only state my belief and not condemn others for their actions. What we do need more of is good information about the importance of eating whole foods rather than any over processed gunk.

Cancer is big business and with the amount of money involved and the number of people affected the epidemic seems unsurmountable. We have to keep on educating from the grass roots and up through our push we can fight the over production of food and the spread of frankenstein produced food knockoffs being brought to our kids plates.
Let’s move to more simple, whole foods for health, vitality and life!

Over 1000 Nuclear Explosions in USA since 1945


Of the over 2000 nuclear explosions world wide since 1945 over half of them have been in the US.  This is not good.  This means that all those toxic substances that have drifted or leached into our water are affecting our country’s people.  No wonder we have so much cancer and obesity!

Watch the video and become scared.  Then tune into the health channels and find out what you can do to help your amazing immune system get rid of all the toxins we come into contact with.

To your health…

Earthing Grounding with David Wolfe


Grounding and/or Earthing has major health benefits.  David Wolfe, well known and leading edge Longevity expert on Health, talks about the incredible benefits of grounding.  In the video there are some live blood analysis videos of red blood cells clumping in participants who volunteered to be test subject and who were experiencing severe pain.  After 20 minutes being grounded their blood was drawn again and the entire audience (I was there and it was incredible!!) got to see  both the before and after live blood samples.  The before typically showed sluggish red blood cells that were clumping or stacking together and the after was an amazing difference.  The red blood cells were singular and bouncing around happily.  Wow!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, especially at 4:30 point where there is a video of white blood cells tracking down a parasite and chasing it then eventually catching it!! Amazing video.

Ever since that conference my family, including my Mom, the original Cancer Warrior Mom, sleeps and works grounded as much as possible.  Take a look at the Earthing tab for more info.

Candy and Diapers – typical list for Caregivers

Caregiving for a parent is so common that the fact should be much more well publicized.  Most of the adult children caregivers I know and have met during this trying caregiving time were surprised that this most important task has fallen to them to be burdened with.  I think that since people don’t want to ever be dependent upon someone else for their daily needs that the fact that it happens more often than not is overlooked.

One day I was out shopping and I bought Depends – adult diapers, and Halloween candy.  Talk about being stuck in a Sandwich generation / time period!  Also, with more debilitating diseases the chance of your parents becoming sickly and unable to care for themselves at an earlier age  is increased so to does the chance that you will be caregiving for both your children and for your parent(s).

This is not a good time although there are good times interspersed, as there are with any caring relationship.  Caregiving for a parent or any loved one, is a full time job and if you have both kids and adults to care for your life and time expended are increased exponentially.  But as you know your kids will eventually become self sufficient you also know your parent(s) will not.  This adds a deeper feeling that you have to get this right the first time!  You have so much that you owe to your parent(s) and you have so much love for them that you don’t want to see them suffering all the while you are fully invested in learning all you can about the disease or illness and about all then life skills and tools that are needed at this time.  If you are fighting a disease like we were, cancer, then there is  no lack of learning about symptom management, disease slowing, health and nutrition, and also mental support to insure that the patient, your own family, and yourself keep well emotionally and spiritually.

As your parent’s life winds down and if there are physical limitations, as the life circle get’s smaller then a fullness of life is still there and is still feeling.  At times overwhelming but knowing that this too will pass and the strength of the human spirit to be able to accomplish anything is always present and always working.  Sometimes all you need to do is look at your list of items you have just bought and see the life story there.  Amazing.

Grounding Earthing Talk by Dr. Sinatra


Dr. Sinatra, one of the co-authors of the book Earthing, talks about the positive effects of grounding.  How to get access to millions of free electrons for free.  Get back to nature and you will be more healthier for it.

Want to know what to do to protect yourself?  Look at this “Best Health Practice for Free – Grounding /Earthing

Grounding for Health is “Wierd” but feels Natural – Earthing

Book titled Earthing by Clinton Ober

In April of 2010 I first heard about Earthing from a Alternative Natural Health Seeker / Guru David Avocado Wolfe. He was a guest speaker at one of my FAVORITE personal and business development company Peak Potentials, a T. Harv Eker, my mentor, company. David Wolfe is a great leader of natural health and travels extensively spreading the word on natural healthy, superfoods, raw foods, natural healing, longevity, toxin cleanse, and many more leading / bleeding edge health topics.

David had another gentleman Clint Ober speak with him about “Earthing” which is also the title of a book he wrote along with Cardiologist Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker.

I was fascinated and have been learning as much as I can on the subject. Coming from a computer programming background where in the computer lab BEFORE you touched a computer you had to ground yourself on a grounding pad, I understood that our bodies carried static electricity and if you then touched a computer your discharge could ruin the computer component. Also, being an apprentice electrician as a teenager I had some knowledge of the grounding required of the electrical system within our homes. Additionally, everyone knows that some electrical devices have the third prong of the plug and that third prong is connecting to a ground circuit. These more complex devices like refrigerators and computers require a connection to ground in order to work properly.

One very interesting tidbit of information I heard was that the bottom of our foot has more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of our body. Why would this be so? Think about it.  Our feet our PLUGS!!  And they are designed to “plug in” to the Earth, or Mother Earth.  Our nervous system is our body’s electric system.  This electrical system requires good hydration, healthy passages so that electrical messages can be sent, and low interference.  Remember our bodies are complex machines and just like computers and refrigerators require a connection to ground to work properly.

If you look around with modern devices like shoes and high rise buildings we as humans are spending less and less time in connection with the ground or earth.  You know how when you go on vacation or spend time at the beach with your feet in the sand and water?  You know how you come away feeling energized and relaxed or “grounded!”?  And you are! 

There’s a lot of real evidence on the health benefits of grounding.  Blood samples taken before and after grounding show red blood cells before clumping and in a static state then afterwards bouncing, charged and healthy.  Inflammation which is being called the common denominator to many of the current man’s illnesses and diseases are said to be caused by free radicals that steal electrons from healthy cells starting inflammation.  These free radicals are electron starved cells that we can help by keeping our bodies bathed in natural antioxidants.  Earthing is the most natural antioxidant and just by standing in connection with the earth which is negatively charged, electrons will travel into our body at a rapid rate.  Natural antioxidants!  Inflammation reducing!

The most interesting to me because I have been able to test it with a volt meter is the immediate effect of grounding on the amount of voltage carried in our body.  By holding a meter and walking around my house I can see where the EMFs of the various electrical devices affect my body.  The voltage when working at my desk with the computer, monitor and UPS can be up to 6 or 7 volts!  Then when I touch a grounded surface that voltage IMMEDIATELY dissapates!  If I let go of the grounded pad then the voltage is immediately back.  It’s quite compelling and is a good, fun thing to do with visitors and friends.  Think about it this way, our bodies are electrical machines, right?!  EMFs are electrical interference.  You know when you are on your cell phone and you hear the static?  Well the interference is affecting the cell phone, just like any interference could affect your body, and not in a good way.

The phrase “Get Grounded” now takes on a different meaning, doesn’t it?

So bottom line, what do you do?
Sleep Grounded

Grounded Sheet for Sleeping Grounded

 In my home I have grounded all the sleeping areas because we spend more time there than anywhere else.  At first I purchased the grounded pad and slept with that under my neck but after a while I upgraded to the half sheet that is grounded and is wrapped around the bottom portion of our bed.

Ground Computer Areas.  I have purchased a computer pad for the desk tops but I also designed grounded areas for the computers in our homes.  In one case I used copper snail tape to create a grounded area where ever one of my kids would place their feet and under my husband’s desk I bend some copper piping into a sort of mat so that when he worked with his socks on the grounding would work.  I of course tested it each time and with the snail tape I found that the sticky side didn’t conduct so I had to use copper wire to spread out the conductivity. 

Grounded Computer Desk Foot Area

Computer desk 2

Computer Mat grounding on desk top

I travel with my grounded mat and use it every night.  All the products are available in this Amazon store so please have at it.  Get Grounded!  Protect yourself and your Kids!  Don’t let them sleep with their cell phones under their heads!  

Want to know what to do to protect yourself?  Look at this “Best Health Practice for Free – Grounding /Earthing

EMF – Is the Damage Worth the Convenience?

I’ve been reading a lot about EMF – ElectroMagnetic Fields and how they work and how they can affect our bodies.  There are many reports out there that say that EMFs can effect and cause biological negative problems and damage.  With that much research and that many Researchers talking about the potential and possible problems isn’t it prudent to use the Precautionary Principle and AVOID it as much as possible??!

The frequency ranges from (sorted in danger risk)
  ionizing radiation
   — gamma rays (xrays)
   — ultraviolet
  non-ionizing radiation
  — Wi-FI (this is downright scary)
  — microwave
  — cell phones (this is downright scary)
  —radio, TV

We all know that the EMF radiation emitted from microwaves is bad and most of us walk away from the microwave while it’s on, but did you know that cell phones and WI-FI networks are similar or worse on the scale?!   Try using a EMF detector and you will see that when the microwave is on the higher, more dangerous radiation eminates outward from the microwave out to 6-8 feet in all directions.  I try not to use it anymore but when I do I turn it on then scoot quickly out of range and I wait 20 seconds after it’s complete to insure that there are no remaining dangerous waves for me to walk into.  A silent killer I think.

But who can do without a cell phone in this day and age or WI-FI in their homes?  I know that we are addicted to it and in fact the new smart phones are my business (see  Smart phones are now telling folks where and how to live their lives.  Little do most folks know that the frequency waves coming from the cell phones are similar to our bodies frequency and so can cause havoc in our body mechanics.  So do yourself a favor and learn a bit about the dangers and take some precautions. 
  Don’t carry your cell phone against your body, carry it in a purse pocket or a jacket pocket or your brief.
  Do not ever sleep with it under your pillow or near your head.  Detectors say that phones can reach 6 inches or more so more it away from you.
  Use the speaker phone when possible so that you don’t hold the phone against your precious head while it’s on and eminating the danger waves the farthest out.
  Investigate those stickers that are supposed to help change the frequency waves into biologically different waves that are not harmless to human bodies and other household devices designed to create a more healthy environment.

Stay aware and involved in what’s happening to your environment.  Just like you don’t like polution this is also a silent polution that can have devastating affects.


215 Card on Hospice? – Apparently Not!

As our Mom, the Cancer Warrior, battles on the timing now is 4.5 years since her diagnosis.  She is on Hospice and getting pain management drugs from them.  This is one really great thing, about Hospice.  Hospice pays for all pain medications as well as some other drugs.  They don’t pay for everything but we’ve found one substitute that they will pay for so at this poing all drugs are covered. 

Well the pain is very strong and if she were not on any drugs then the level would be intolerable.  Additionally, as her doctor describes her tolerance level, if either he or any of us were to take the same amount of pain medications that she is consuming in a single day we would be in a coma.  Pain medication blocks the brain’s pain receptors but the body gets busy creating more so that is why the pain medication levels typically need to be increased over time.  This does not necessarily mean that the cause of the pain is getting worse, just that the amount of pain medication needed to block the pain has increased.

One of our good friends recently started taking a marijuana product to help with her pain from crippling arthritis.  She told us about how nice the clinic was and how impressed she was with the level of knowledge and the different types of products, differing ways of taking it, regulated dosage increase paths, and the different symptoms certain strains effect better.  As our Mother is deeply opposed to smoking any products we liked that the product had capsule or oil forms.

Several times over the past year we have discussed this alternative with my Mom’s doctor.  He always says that it is not that good for pain relief but it is good for nausea, depression and appetitie.  At our last visit we brought it up again since at times her pain is very bad.  He said sure, she could try it and then tried to write a prescription for it going through Hospice.  We don’t know if this is the way it is in California or if it’s just our Hospice’s policies but they informed us that if she decided to go on any marinol or marijuana product that she would have to go off of Hospice.  They way they explained this is that since they are in charge of controlling the pain medication and since they do not dispense marijuana they would not know how much she was injesting so would not know how much current pain medication they should cut out.

So that’s it.  Her choice was to not take any marinol products and stay on Hospice or forgo Hospice and take her chances with the 215 world.  Of course, she chose Hospice, but too bad she doesn’t get to experiment with another pain control substance.